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Hello!  I'm Christiane.

I recently graduated as an honours psychology major from York University’s Keele Campus. I am interested in cognitive psychology, particularly examining the role of valenced emotional stimuli on memory and decision-making. From the literature on levels of processing to heuristics and biases, and more!


I previously studied cognitive interference by examining response inhibition and selective attention using a modified Stroop task on emotionally valenced words in Dr. Jennifer K. Steeves’s lab. Simultaneously with the current lab, I investigated scientific reasoning performance across developmental samples compared with adult samples on cognitive abilities in Dr. Maggie E. Toplak’s lab. In addition, I am working on a project as part of York International’s Go Global Sustainable Development Goals on a collaborative discourse and curriculum analysis to mainstream global citizenship education.


As a research assistant, I provide contributions to the Lab Wiki, Lab standard operating procedure documents, and inter-rater reliability in an ongoing project, to name a few. In addition, I am devoted to learning more about how different types of memory, particularly emotional memory, are encoded in the brain. Catch me in local libraries, refining my skills in various languages or figuring out how to get my R code to run.

You can contact me through my email here!

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