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Hello!  I'm Nahal.

I am in my final year of undergraduate studies in the Honours BA Psychology program at Glendon Campus, York University.

I have a broad range of interests, including clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology.

I joined the Memory & Meaning Lab to gain valuable research experience to prepare for my journey in graduate school. My professional aspirations are to receive my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. My main research interest is in memory and the social-cognitive development of individuals with autism. In addition, I would love to learn how the human mind works, especially for
autistic individuals.

I am conducting an Independent Research Project in the Memory & Meaning lab and gaining hands-on experience building a version of the experiment from Bellana et al. (2022). This experiment is about developing a paradigm to measure how recent experiences (e.g., reading a story) can continue 'linger' in our spontaneous thoughts in a program called PsychoPy. PsychoPy is a
widely-used, graphic-user interface (GUI)-based, experiment-building program. This IRP is providing me with an opportunity to develop some of the core skills of a psychology researcher (i.e., experiment building). Furthermore, the IRP will result in the completion of a functional experiment, which can then be used as a template for future undergraduate students who may want to develop their own variations of this paradigm for their projects.

I am excited to be a member of the Memory & Meaning Lab and gain more insight into how the human mind works, particularly in memory and spontaneous thought. I'm grateful to work alongside Dr. Bellana and his fellow lab members!


You can contact me here!  

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