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Hello!  I'm Buddhika.

Current position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology; Glendon campus, York University [2021 - now]

  • Focus: principle investigator of the Memory & Meaning lab

Postdoctoral training: Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences; Johns Hopkins University [2018 - 2021]

  • Supervisors: Janice Chen and Christopher Honey

  • Focus: using narratives, online experiments and naturalistic neuroimaging paradigms, to examine how we remember and think about complex, real-world situations

Graduate training: Department of Psychology; University of Toronto [MA, PhD; 2012 - 2018]

What am curious about: memory, spontaneous thought, stories, default mode network, etc.

Random fact: My best idea to date is the following 'would you rather': "Would you rather have teeth for hair or hair for teeth?"


More info: You can find my CV here

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